Commitment to quality products and a passion for driving customer success.

Pacific Farms delivers competitively priced, high quality minimally processed vegetable ingredients with readily available inventory, technical expertise, problem solving agility and a customer first mentality.


Our producers and growers have partnered with us for generations. We provide the ingredients that you need to satisfy your specifications and the demanding palletes of today's consumer. 

Customer Success and Value Beyond Product

Our Family of Products

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Pacific Farms Gold Garlic®

Premium Dehydrated Garlic

Dehydrated Vegetables

Air and Freeze Dried Vegetable Products

IQF Asian Vegetables and Fruits

Individually Quick Frozen Niche Varietals


Ful-Flav-R Foods

Shelf-stable garlic, onion, ginger, peppers and specialty sauces

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Frozen Purees

Garlic, ginger and other vegetables

Custom Products and Projects

R&D projects, niche ingredients, custom packs and blends

The Pacific Farms Family commitment to quality

Pacific Farms is committed to providing safe, verifiable and compliant products that meet your quality requirements.

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