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Dedicated, US-based customer service team
Customer-first mentality with responsiveness and care
Worry-free solutions to your most challenging problems

Outstanding technical knowledge
Agility to adjust on the fly

Passion and commitment

The Pacific Farms Advantage


For over 35 years, Pacific Farms has delivered high quality ingredients for the food industry's consumer-facing products. We provide value beyond product.


• Competitive pricing

• Rigorously tested, high quality, safe and certified products
• Readily available inventory across the USA
• Exceptional global reputation with over 35 years presence and relationships around the world

• Boots on the ground in China

In a competitive marketplace, choice comes down to which supplier offers value beyond product. In addition to offering high quality products at competitive prices that meet your needs, Pacific Farms provides:

Warehouse Locations


Pacific Farms has warehouses strategically located across the United States for short lead-times and low cost freight rates. Pacific Farms dehydrated vegetables are stored under refrigeration to maintain color and freshness.

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