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Who We Are


We are a family owned, American company with a global footprint and long held relationships with customers and producers in the USA, China and beyond.



Large enough in scale and scope to supply some of the worlds largest multi-national consumer brands, yet agile, active and nimble with a customer-first mentality.


With roots dating back to 1983 and the beginning of the US and China garlic trade, Pacific Farms has built a legacy of relationships with our partners.  Our customer-first mentality defines us. We are focused on the companies and the individuals with whom we work. Our goal is to make each and every one of these individuals successful.


When you do the right thing, you move the world forward. As a brand with a global footprint, we strive to inspire progress through sustainable practices for all of us and for the world.

Quality and Safety

Our rigorous quality standards, robust systems and attention to detail ensure that we provide safe, consistent, dependable, compliant products.


We drive customer success by providing value beyond product.

The Pacific Farms Family


Nate Offenberg

Chief Executive Officer


Garry Offenberg


Garry Offenberg and his business partner, Hellmuth Starnitzky, founded Pacific Farms with the mission to build a business based on honesty and integrity that cherishes its customers, suppliers, and workers.  His career launched in distribution in the Natural Foods Industry in 1976.  Then he honed his skills at Pima Western, and later at Gilroy Foods, in global sourcing, production, logistics, food safety, and sales and marketing of dehydrated vegetables and dry garlic.  At C. Melchers & Company,  Garry helped launch the Pacific Farms Division with the introduction of Pacific Farms Gold Garlic.  In 2002, Garry and Hellmuth acquired Pacific Farms and created the Pacific Farms family business.

Nate Offenberg  grew up in the food industry, following his father’s career from an early age.  While studying at University of California at Berkeley, he joined Melchers in 2001 where he was involved in nearly every facet of the Pacific Farms business including customer service, sourcing, inventory management and systems administration. Later, Nate increased the breadth of his experience by moving to a larger Consumer Packaged Goods company, holding management roles in procurement, brand development and management, global sourcing, and mergers and acquisitions.  Nate rejoined Pacific Farms as a Partner and later became CEO in 2014. He is an expert in international business, product development and business process and has overseen the rapid expansion of Pacific Farms, including the integration of the Ful-Flav-R Brand.

The Pacific Farms Family includes 25 members located at our corporate headquarters in Reno, Nevada and operating office in Oakland, California as well as satellite offices in Fujian China, Washington State and Indianapolis.  In total, this team brings over 300 years of food industry experience in sales, supply chain, global sourcing and quality.  Our extended family of third-party service providers includes hundreds of partners, many of whom have multi-generational relationships with Pacific Farms.  We consider everyone we work with, from our customers to our co-packers, logistics providers, distribution partners, and  sales representatives to be part of our family.  At every level, we are driven to provide value beyond product and customer success.

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