Warehouse Locations


Pacific Farms has warehouses strategically located across the United States and Mexico for short lead-times and low cost freight rates. Pacific Farms dehydrated vegetables are stored under refrigeration to maintain color and freshness.


Sales Representatives



Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Northern Missouri, Southern Wisconsin

E.J. Mullens Company

1401 S. Harlem Ave.
Berwyn, IL 60402

Phone: (708) 771-2700
Fax: (708) 771-0350
Email: ejmco@ejmco.com



Core Food Ingredients

10640 47th Avenue N.
Plymouth, MN 55442

Sales Phone: (952) 836-7462
Sales Email: eva@corefoodingredients.com

Customer Service Phone: (612) 481-9575

Customer Service Email: chris@corefoodingredients.com

Fax: (612) 284-2560




Serving Louisiana, Mississippi, Southern Missouri


Mauthe and Associates, Inc.

18 Imperial Woods Drive
Harahan, LA 70183

Phone: (504) 737-2412
Fax: (504) 737-4171
Email: ktwinstead@msn.com and nanm@earthlink.net